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This blog is to educate the denizens of Tumblr on what it means to have DID, and at the same time, confront the issues with non-DID "multiple systems".

Apr 5

sophiandreia said: i miss you

I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep up with this project… I miss you, too! All of my followers are really great. Thanks for your messages! Summer is coming up again and if there is still interest, I may be able to finish the drafts you all have been asking for (especially the one on fictives). We’ll see.

Oct 19

Hello followers

I had hoped I would have time over the fall semester to write more articles for this blog, but in the end it seems this project is over before it really began. Many people have picked up where I left off in calling out the abusive, destructive, and manipulative internet cults that are healthy multiplicity and otherkin. I’m not sure that I can contribute anything more to the subject that hasn’t already been covered!

You all have been amazing and I thank you for your stories as well as your support. Though I don’t log in often, you are always welcome to send me messages and ask questions. I may try to conclude several drafts I have typed up before the new year, as well as some questions, so ask away! Most of all, please never hesitate to share what I have written anywhere you’d like. The more people who are informed, the less likely that young, impressionable lives will be impacted negatively by these communities. 

Thank you!

Sep 8

Articles on otherkin and multiple systems

Hello! The otherkin tag sure has been busy! Someone suggested I repost a link to my articles about otherkin and multiple systems, given the recent boost in their popularity (and subsequently, people attempting to understand them). So here is my small collection, all in one easily rebloggable post.

"My identity is not hurting anyone!" - On otherkin and multiples facilitating real illnesses

‘I’ll Believe You if You Believe Me’ - on otherkin and multiple systems

Aug 21

Hello all!

It has been several weeks since I’ve posted! Having DID means that there are a lot of people here with things to do and not enough time in the day for us all to do them.

Thank for you all for over 100 followers! I hope to have a piece on “fictives” (fictional characters) and multiplicity up soon. College classes begin for us this coming week, so expect to hear more from me now that summer vacation is over. Writing opinion pieces really helps us warm up for writing essays!

As always you may submit asks or posts requesting to remain anonymous and I will post them (or answer your questions without revealing your identity). Thank you!

nickelodeonslime-deactivated201 said: Out of curiosity, would you ever discuss the negativity that goes on with not just the multiple community, but also the outsiders who decide to interfere in the tags? I think that sometimes people forget that it is just as unhealthy to be cynical as it is to be gullible.

I’ve spent a few weeks trying to figure out what to say to this ask. In the end, it all boils down to this thought: there is no ‘interfering’ with a public tagging system.

Tumblr does not work the same as Livejournal or a Yahoo! Group. Whatever is said on this site is available for Tumblr’s estimated 64.7 million blogs. There is no “community” on the ‘multiplicity’ or ‘otherkin’ tags; there is just a public tagging system to find posts relevant to individual interests. Going into any tag on Tumblr I always find posts that are irrelevant or mocking. Multiple and otherkin tags are no special exception.

It certainly is unhealthy to be cynical, but I disagree with the idea that is it “just as” unhealthy as being gullible. Intense cynicism may impair relationships based in emotion and make it difficult to master social interactions, but gullibility can endanger one’s life. Without the ability to approach new ideas cautiously, gullible people open and expose themselves to potentially dangerous ideals and people without a fight.

In addition, a cynic establishes boundaries in relationships both good and bad, whereas gullibility leaves individuals open to manipulation from others. Cynics offer interesting conversation opportunities; gullible people are so easily persuaded there is little opportunity to discover why one believes the things they are telling a gullible person.

Sometimes it is okay to surround yourself in gullible personalities. We all need to feel accepted without an argument sometimes. In my experience however, gullible people do not make lasting relationships because there is little foundation for conversation. It’s better to engage the cynics in the multiple and otherkin tags. If you can persuade even one, you’ve met someone who communicates well with you, and that’s the start of a good friendship. Not much can be said to someone who instantly accepts every aspect about you other than “thanks”.

Anonymous said: "For example, though I have DID, I do not view it as a “mental illness” because I have worked with my system for almost fifteen years to be as happy and healthy as I am today." this is really interesting. Would you care to elaborate on this or is it too personal? thanks in advance either way (:

Hello! Sorry for the delay in answering this! A mental illness is defined as: Any of various psychiatric disorders or diseases, usually characterized by impairment of thought, mood, or behavior.

At one point, my DID impaired all of the above to such a level I couldn’t function even the simplest day-to-day tasks such as getting up and eating. After years of working together, our DID system itself is not an impairment. That is to say, all of the alters are aware of eachother; we communicate, we help eachother out. Our system of alters themselves is not ill; what still impairs us now are the other illnesses that usually ride on the tailcoats of DID, such as PTSD or Borderline.

There are still plenty of things that inhibit me from functioning at my full potential, but they’re not the DID specifically. I hope this answers your question (and/or makes sense!).

Anonymous Submission:

Please feel free to edit this if i’m using incorrect terminology or am being incorrect or disrespectful in any way. I worry I may have made mistakes and I apologize if I have.

I almost dived headfirst into the multiple community. I talk to characters in my head all the time and it was sort of nice to see other people who did the same thing! Especially since that’s a huge part of who I am. Talking to characters in my head and having them comfort me has gotten me through a lot of hard times. But, you know. I poked around. I researched other perspectives. I thought about it. I don’t think it’s right to claim there is more than one person living in my head. I’ve just never outgrown my imaginary friends. I’m sure there are people in the multiple community who are legitimate, but I’m betting there are people in it like me too! People who want to give this aspect of their identity what they view as validity by claiming plurality. People who yearn to talk about their experiences with people like them without being seen as an escapist weirdo.

It’s actually ok to admit you’re an escapist weirdo who roleplays with themselves in their own head, though. The thing to think about is that people with actual issues have been hurt by this stuff and I don’t think they need more people to make skeptics even more skeptical. If people like me are in this community, they’re drowning out the voices of people who really do have multiplicity. People with DID and such have enough issues with getting people to see them as valid without people like me pretending to be multiple for the sake of acceptance and being in a group of people like them.

And of course, I never see this sort of thing brought up in the multiple community. No one is ever allowed to very respectfully and politely ask “hey, do you think you’re actually just roleplaying with yourself?” without being attacked for it. There’s nothing wrong with doing that as a coping mechanism! There isn’t anything wrong with trying to prevent people from using inaccurate labels!

I love the characters in my head so much. They’re like a second family to me and sometimes, yeah, they do feel real! I don’t control what they say, I feel like I lose control of my body sometimes because they’re reacting to something, I feel their emotions… But I’m thinking this sort of thing is more common with people who create characters, connect deeply to fictional characters and or roleplay then we’re aware. We don’t need to co-opt language used by people with real issues to describe this sort of thing.

Anyway, that is my opinion! I’m not trying to offend people who really are multiple like I said, I’m just trying to reach out to people like me, who I’m not sure they belong in that community. Especially if that community isn’t okay with thinking critically about things.

Aug 16

Anonymous Submission (TW: pedophilia):

i think every otherkin who defends pedophilia in any way should be required to take a field trip with me to my gynecologist for an uncomfortable visit to get a glimpse at my vaginal scarring

on the way home we’ll grab some icecream before we go over to my brother’s house where he’ll tell them how he hasn’t been able to take a normal shit since he was five years old

after that we’ll call up my best friend from childhood and her husband and we’ll talk to them about how it feels that she can’t conceive

then maybe we’ll stop by my mailbox and see if the man responsible for ruining so many lives has sent me or my brother a letter letting us know he always is aware of where we’re living and what we’re up to and that despite our ruined bodies he reminds us we don’t have enough evidence to convict him of any crime

all because this man was sexually attracted to children and didn’t act on it for years, swore he’d never act on it, just was content watching children and not touching them

then one day guess what happened

he fucking acted on it.

fuck you otherkin, fuck you for supporting imminent child rape. fuck you for supporting a child rapist biding for his opportunity and the community of child rapists at large. 

Aug 4

Suggested Submission:


While there’s really no disputing the outright stupidity of claiming to have been a reincarnated mythical creature, it is perhaps a little hasty to label it insane. Rather, it seems more like a whole lot of wishful thinking — claimants would really like it to be true, even though deep down they know it’s not. So they talk about it a lot. Endlessly, if given the chance, and they defend their right to do just such a thing. It’s a classic scenario: If you lie loud and long enough, eventually the volume at which you are bullshitting will take precedence over the fact that you are, in fact, bullshitting. If the preceding description sounds oddly specific, as though it were of something that is already happening, there’s a damn good reason for that: It is.

(continued, tags are relevant)

Interesting read.

Aug 1

Anonymous said: what are your opinions on the fact that the majority of natural multiples appear to have mostly, or only, fictional characters from their favorite t.v shows, anime, books, movies, etc as headmates? i always wonder why none of them seem to have dorky or weird people, even if they are fictional characters alot of the time, why is it only the popular things from mostly nerdy fandoms?

This is going to be answered in my post about fictives, which should be upcoming this weekend (hopefully). I didn’t think to address fandom specifically however so thank you for that suggestion.

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